From the recording Philip Aimure

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Rick Astley style romantic pop dance song about trying to manifest love.


I’m Gonna Dream You Into My Life.
Verse 1
I reach out my heart with my mind to you
I know across the miles I know you feel me too
Are we drawing closer after all this time?
To finally kiss your lips would be so sublime
Verse 2
You might say that I’m living with a dream
It’s just a variation on a never-ending theme
But how could two people be so far apart
Yet be so together that we touch each other’s heart
I’m going to dream you into my life
I won’t give up until I meet you
I know that if I wish enough
I’m going to make this dream come true
I’m gonna dream you right into my life
I won’t give up until I’ve found you
I know that if I wish enough
I know that I’m gonna be with you

Verse 3
If I could look into my hand
Pick apart the story written in every strand
I’m sure that I would see amongst the pain and the loss
The moment when our lives were destined to cross.
Verse 4
The sun rises on a brand new day
I’ll look for you in every single ray
I know you’re out there and (I know) you need me too
I hope one day that I’ll discover you.